vegan meat alternativesMeat addiction requires treatment just like any other addiction. The easiest path is one of de-escalation. Switching beef for chicken is an example. The drastic switch is very hard to do and old habits will surface quickly.

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Chicken is now widely contaminated with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Recent surveys show 2/3 of store bought chicken is contaminated with bacteria that is resistant to one or more antibiotics. Worse is arsenic in chicken.

Sugar is another problem. Sugar can be blamed for the rampant obesity problems plaguing western countries.

The adult consumption of milk is well documented as being bad for you. Still millions drink vast amounts of milk daily.

To convert multiple addictions is very hard and a gradual approach is best.

Given the problem of marketing which keeps an unhealthy and profligate diet in everyone’s mind. Every pound of meat needs 16 points of grain to make it let alone all of the greenhouse gasses that cows release daily.

In the future when prices are even higher we can see the day coming when governments will begin to encourage vegetarianism. The cost of ignoring the problem is incalculable.

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While vegan is growing the change is slow. This is largely due to the overwhelming addictive qualities of the standard american diet. We have found it easier working with younger people who are not yet overwhelmed with the self destructive qualities of eating meat.

Decades ago schools used to teach children that meals were missing something if it did not have meat. This is no better than a religious school that teaches violence. Most people were not even taught how to cook or make meals.


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